16. Apr

Malia is surfing on new ripples

MPS releases Malia’s new album "Ripples (Echoes of Dreams)". In 2004, the British-Malawian singer Malia, at that time still at the beginning of her impressive career, released her album "Echoes of Dreams". Now 14 years later she recorded this album again but in a highly emotional commitment to her roots, coupled with experience from previous albums. Malia moves back into the young woman, into the exciting hovering between innocence and growing up to reflect today.

Accompanied by pianist Alexandre Saada's sensitive play and his arrangements for the string trio, Malia has radically stripped down her original work, moving from the playful pop-jazz style of her earlier career towards a raw, blues and soul-drenched sound that, more than ever, relies on the strength and passion of her voice.

The album is now available everywhere. Especially for vinyl fans, Malia has recorded her own interpretation of John Lennon's "Imagine" and  MacColl's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" as a bonus track on an 7"LP, included in the limited vinyl edition of "Ripples (Echoes of Dreams)".

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