11. May

Nicola Conte lets his light shine again and brings it into the world

After releasing the first two appetizers "Cosmic Peace" and "Universal Rhythm" MPS is now presenting the third single "Let Your Light Shine On" of the Italian producer and guitar player Nicola Conte – the title song of his eponymous album.

The gently grooving title song was recorded in South Africa with four local musicians during a short-term scheduled session in Johannesburg. A smooth tenor saxophone, driving drums and bass, soulful vocals and Conte’s virtuoso guitar playing meet African grooves and combines which doesn’t belong together into his unique style.

Conte’s new album "Let Your Light Shine On" is his debut on the MPS Label. He has brought with him an ensemble of stars including trombonist Gianluca Petrella, trumpeter Theo Croker, saxophonists Logan Richardson and Magnus Lindgren, and singer Zara McFarlane. Recorded in Bari, Italy and Johannesburg, South Africa, "Let Your Light Shine On" is a cohesive and powerful work of art that crosses the border between soul and spiritual Afro-jazz.

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