13. Dec

Digital Re-Issues: Francy Boland Orchestra, James Moody & Al Cohn, Trumpet Machine

The digital MPS re-issue marathon is nearly finished. This is the forelast digital release bunch. By the end of this year the complete MPS Records catalogue is digital available on all common download services for the first time.

The Francy Boland Orchestra's - White Heat is an album of hip compositions, richly-textured arrangements and masterful solos – it's big band jazz at its best! James Moody & Al Cohn recorded a harmonious clash between like-minded tenor sax giants who are too heavy for words! The album by Trumpet Machine is a one-time one-of-a-kind album with six trumpet greats flying out proud! Check them out!

Francy Boland Orchestra - White Heat //1978

James Moody, Al Cohn - Too Heavy For Words //1973

Trumpet Machine - For Flying Out Proud //1977

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