26. Oct


The Italian DJ and guitarist Nicola Conte has been digging through the MPS catalogue of 1965-1975 . His aim: showing the many influences of which the MPS catalogue is made off. His result – the compilation, which is sending us on a spiritual journey through the universe of MPS. "Cosmic Forest: The Spiritual Sounds of MPS".

Nicola Conte points out: "After all it's like a search for a sort of cosmic beauty and the mysticism that is also connected to the forest. The sort of mystery that you can probably feel. The new generation, it's time again to be exposed to those extremely happening and chanting sounds."

Just listen to the sounds of the artists just as The Third Wave, Nathan Davis, El Babaku, Dave Pike Set and many more and you’ll be smashed how to get into this 70s feeling again. The compilation is now available on CD, vinyl and stream.

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