7. Sep

Spotify celebrates 50 years MPS

The global streaming service Spotify celebrates 50 years MPS, Germanys oldest jazz label. For this special event the "Jazz Classics" playlist has been taken over by the MPS catalogue! More than 80 track and at least 7 hours of great jazz music, produced in Germany, is the result.

Tracks by Oscar Peterson, Monty Alexander, Rolf Kühn, Ella Fitzgerald and many more artists are featured. Next to new releases like "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?" by Rolf Kühn from the album "Yellow + Bue" you will find other (older) MPS gems: "See You Later" by Joanne Grauer, "N+ R (Love Is Friends)" by Cecil Taylor and "Canto De Ossanha" by Baden Powell, just to mention a few.

MPS wanted to say, thank you Spotify for this wonderful gift! And the rest of you: Click the link, turn the volume up and enjoy the best of German jazz!

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