24. Apr

LIFE ENIGMA by Jean Luc Ponty is OUT NOW!

For the first time on vinyl

After the initial release of Life Enigma in 2001, MPS is reissuing this spectacular album by violin-virtuoso Jean Luc Ponty. For the first time ever this special release will be available not only on CD and digitally but also on vinyl.

Life Enigma stands as a testament to Ponty’s virtuosity and innovative spirit in the realm of jazz fusion. Seamlessly blending classical technique with electric improvisation, Ponty’s performance on the album is nothing short of mesmerizing. Each track takes listeners on a sonic journey filled with intricate melodies, electrifying solos, and captivating rhythms, showcasing Ponty’s unparalleled talent and creativity.

Some of the finest musicians in the industry, including pianist William Lecomte, bassist Guy Nsangué Akwa, guitarist Thierry Arpino, and percussionist Moustapha Cissé. Together, they create a dynamic and cohesive sound that elevates each composition to new heights of musical brilliance. “This was a very special project because of the work I did with sound colors and atmospheres in addition to the spontaneity of our improvised solos”, Ponty comments on the album.

Life Enigma will be available on LP, CD and digitally and is out on May 17th.

Order and listen to the single here: 

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