29. Apr

German Jazz Awards 2023

Our heartfelt congratulations to the winners of two special categories of the 2023 German Jazz Awards (Deutscher Jazzpreis).

The Lifetime Achievement Award goes to our dear Rolf and Joachim Kühn. Sadly, our longtime friend Rolf Kühn passed away last year on August 18th, shortly before his 93rd birthday after a long and fulfilling life. His first MPS release in 1965 marked the start of a wonderful friendship that lasted until the very end. Rolf Kühn had always been one of the most influential clarinet players, not only for the German jazz scene, but all over the world. Even after reaching an age of over 90 years , Rolf was still playing and recording on the highest level. Joachim Kühn, the younger one of the two Kühn brothers, who also recorded several albums for MPS, is a match to Rolf when it comes to the musical career. Being one if Germany’s most prolific free jazz pianist since decadeds, he is still recording and touring today.

The Queer Cheer – Community for Jazz and Improvised Music, founded by MPS Artist Julia Kadel as well as Erik Leuthäuser, Laura Winkler and Friede Merz, received the Special Jury Prize from the German Jazz Award’s main jury this year. As one of the earliest LGBTQ communities in the German jazz scene, Queer Cheer addresses issues like diversity, intersectionality, multiperspectivity and interdisciplinarity.


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