10. May

Digital Release: New Jazz Trio – Page One / Page Two

In 1970, three of Europe’s leading first-wave Avant-gardists united to form the New Jazz Trio. They personified the evolution of modern jazz into the realm of a freer more exploratory direction. German trumpeter Manfred Schoof felt at home with the exquisite simplicity of Mal Waldron as well as the cyclonic free play of Peter Brötzmann, maneuvered through the mainstream jazz currents of the Kenny Clarke/Francy Boland Big Band and the outré experimentation of The Global Unity Orchestra. German bassist Peter Trunk and Dutch drummer Cees See were like musical freethinkers. Trunk, especially, was lauded by his peers. Guitarist Attila Zoller stated that he was “as good as any of the best American bassists”, and German jazz guru Joachim Ernst Berendt called Trunk “the best bassist in German jazz.” Unfortunately, Trunk died in 1973, but this and MPS companion album, Page Two, chronicle the trio’s seminal music. Release Date: May 19th, 2017

New Jazz Trio - Page One

New Jazz Trio - Page Two

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