In the late 1950’s and early 60’s pianist Cecil Taylor along with saxophonists Ornette Coleman and John Coltrane blazed revolutionary paths through the jazz landscape that forever transformed our perception of the music. Journalist Val Wilmer described Taylor’s play as “88 tuned drums”, and the Guardian called him an “…Art Tatum with contemporary-classical leanings”. For those who think Cecil Taylor’s music too ‘far out’ or who have never experienced his play, this 1980 MPS solo recording will turn your heads and change your minds! The German jazz guru Joachim Ernst Berendt enthused about the recording, “You will hear it all: blues licks and bop phrases…Tatum runs and Bud Powell…even a Boogie-woogie…” he states that, “Taylor is a master of form. The first side (1-5) of the record runs like a suite. Everything is connected.” Taylor’s poetic titles are indicative of the music’s lyricism and depth. An accessible inroad into the fantastic musical terrain of a jazz giant!

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