Two German stars in Duo – pianist Christoph Spendel, 26 at the time of this 1981 recording, vibraphonist Wolfgang Schlüter some 20 years older. The two sound more like musical twins than dualistic opposites. A member of the renowned NDR Big Band, Schlüter is also acclaimed for his work with Family of Percussion and James Last, and was named in Downbeat’s prestigious critic’s poll. Known for his work with Jazztrack, Spendel would go on to play with such German greats as Albert Mangelsdorff and Christoff Lauer. With one exception, the compositions are Spendel’s. Flohmarkt hints of the classics before moving into hard driving jazz and funk. With it 7/4 ballad feel, Quiet Summer Nights imparts a raga-like serenity. Schlüter’s composition Requerdos Del Alhama presents an impression of the Spanish town. Birds At Their Cherry Meal is an up-tempo modal romp with masterful integrated playing on a piece that displays a bit of country, a bit of Jarrett. Backstage Serenade reveals a romantic ballad that makes one wonder what was going on between sets. Donald Duck has Spendel in a fast and furious double-time solo, while Schlüter plays at a more laid-back tempo. Dualism: a sublime musical unity of intent.