18. May

Music with lights of inspiration in a world of transformation – Nicola Conte’s new album “Let Your Light Shine on” is out now

"This album, this music, it’s about spirituality, it’s about people,[…], it’s about rhythm, it’s about Africa, the ancient center of the world, it’s about freedom, it’s about understanding, it’s about unity, it’s about love […]" – Nicola Conte about his new album "Let Your Light Shine On", which is from now on available on every platform, on CD and Vinyl.

In the best MPS tradition "Jazz Meets the World", this album combines the sounds of different continents into a unique, global style: Casual interwoven, spiritual soul and jazz grooves pulsing with the beat and breathe of Africa. An homage to spiritual deceleration in our times of materialism, political conflicts and lack of perspectives.

The album was recorded mostly live in Bari, Italy and Johannesburg, South Africa and it features a brilliant ensemble of stars including trombonist Gianluca Petrella, trumpeter Theo Croker, saxophonists Logan Richardson and Magnus Lindgren, and singers Zara McFarlane, Bridgette Amofah and Carolina Bubbico.

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