24. Aug

Digital Release: The Historic Donaueschingen Jazz Concert 1957 (Live) + Two Martial Solal records

Three further MPS albums will be digital released on iTunes (Fr., August 25th):

The Donaueschingen Jazz Concert 1957 – Big band, ensemble, and combo – these three groups shine a light on the decades before 1960 while pointing the way towards the shape of things to come.

Throughout his career, Martial Solal has been lauded for his solo performances. The Solosolal catches his soloistic genius in full.

Two European jazz giants, members of the international pantheon of greats, pair off to create a moveable musical feast: Martial Solal with Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen - Movability

The Historic Donaueschingen Jazz Concert 1957 (Live)

Martial Solal - The Solosolal

Martial Solal - Movability

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