16. Nov

Digital Release: Don “Sugarcane” Harris

Called ‘the Jimmy Hendrix of the violin’, compared to Eric Clapton and spoken of in the same breath with the likes of Jean Luc Ponty, Don ‘Sugarcane’ Harris was the violin master of jazz-inflected rock ‘n’ roll. His association with John Mahall and Frank Zappa brought him into the limelight, but he also played and recorded with John Lee Hooker, Little Richard and the man who gave him the nickname ‘Sugarcane’, rhythm & blues legend Johnny Otis. L.A. guitarist Randy Resnick reminisced about Harris; “All I can say is that I never got chills in any other band like the ones I got when Don took off…it was tribal, it was primitive and it was real...” (Release date: November 17th, 2017)

Don "Sugarcane" Harris - I'm On Your //1974

Don "Sugarcane" Harris - Keep On Driving //1971

Don "Sugarcane" Harris - Keyzop //1975

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