27. Jun

“Cicero – Zwei Leben, eine Bühne” wins prize for best music documentary

The German “Schallplattenkritik” awarded the “best music movie” to the Latemar production “Cicero – Zwei Leben, eine Bühne”.

This insightful movie portaits the lives of two incredible German jazz musicians: Eugen Cicero and Roger Cicero. Eugen Cicero, an exceptional piano player from childhood on – often called “Mr. Golden Hands” – came to light when he started releasing several albums on MPS (e. g. Rokoko Jazz, In Town, Cicero’s Chopin) and later played with the RIAS Tanzorchester and the SFB Big Band. His son, the late German jazz singer Roger Cicero, was a driving force for the jazz scene in Germany and beyond its borders. The movie shows the simmiliarities and differences of the two carreer paths and personalities: Eugen Cicero who came from a classcial background found his way into jazz over time and became a crossover pioneer e. g. mixing classical music with swing like on “Rokoko Jazz” and becoming part of the entertainment music and TV world. His son Roger was drawn to this genre early on in his career and became one of the most successfull jazz and pop musicians in Germany entering the charts and filling stadions. Watch for yourself and find out about these two outstanding musicians and their stories.

For all peolpe interested in watching the movie, here is the linkl to the ARD media libary (German only):

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