American Vibraphonist Dave Pike may not be as well-known as contemporaries Gary Burton and Bobby Hutcherson, but recordings with Bill Evans, Herbie Mann, and Paul Bley evince Pike’s pedigree. His MPS albums from 1969 through the early 70s have become minor classics.  Underpinned by funk and fusion, Infra-Red ventures into country rock on Suspicious Child and trips through fractured iridescent landscapes on Attack of the Green Misers.  Raga Jeeva Swara is a rock meditation, and Send Me the Yellow Guys manipulates metric complexities. Soul Eggs, is a 13 bar blues, fried over easy, while Infra Red explores the outer edges of musical space. The amazing German guitarist Volker Kriegel is Pike’s perfect counterpart, while Viennese bassist J.A. Rettenbacher and drummer Peter Baumeister complete the musical spectrum. Hallucinatory jazz-rock.