Born in Mozambique, pianist Edgar Wilson enrolled in the Vienna Academy of Music at the age of 21 to study with, among others, the acclaimed classical pianist Friedrich Gulda. Wilson gravitated towards jazz, however – a musical direction that his Mozambique roots served him well. Centered in Munich, he has become a staple on the German music scene, touring extensively with jazz violinist Hannes Beckmann, and soul jazz drummer George Greene’s band. Wilson’s 1979 debut album pairs him with bassist N.H. Ørsted Pedersen, whose work with the likes of Dexter Gordon and Oscar Peterson has garnered him near-legendary status. The album shines through six classic American standards, two jazz classics, and one original by Wilson. The playing is tasty throughout, with Wilson injecting blues, a bit of the classics, and an occasional clever quote into the music. The duo setting especially affords the listener the pleasure of listening to one of the music’s great bassists solo extensively on every piece except Thelonious Monk’s ‘Round Midnight. That in itself makes this album a valuable addition to any music collection.