Åke Persson Fats Sadi Francy Boland Jean Warland Jimmy Woode Kenny Clarke Nat Peck
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Known best for co-leading the legendary Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland big band, Belgian pianist Boland also gained recognition as a major composer-arranger. His work with MPS represented an important slice of his recording career – the KC-FB big band recorded a half dozen times with the label, and Boland later recorded three more times for MPS with his own big band. This 1967 album is a departure; sure, the Clarke-Boland rhythm section, bebop innovator drummer Kenny Clarke, and bassist Jimmy Woode of Ellington Orchestra fame, remain. But in the place of a big band sits a 21-piece string orchestra. Lush, dark harmonies, Latinesque rhythms, swinging jazz waltzes that beckon lovers to dance, an intimate ballad, pulsating straight-ahead jazz permeate the heat of the night – and something special – Francy solos throughout! First and foremost an album for lovers – so pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage, lie back and relax, flirt and dream.