Earl Hines is seen as the “Fatha” of modern jazz piano (see Fatha and His Flock), while Jaki Byard is best known for his play on some of Charles Mingus’ greatest albums. Hines was a major influence on the 15 year younger Byard, one of the reasons Jaki had such a deep-rooted understanding for tradition. Byard’s A-Toodle-Oo, Toodle Oo is a romp with a boogie-woogie beat. HinesThis Is Always has Earl’s and Jaki’s arpeggios flowing through this lovely ballad. The two offer up a harmonically lush version of the Hines classic, Rosetta, while I Can’t Trust Myself Alone is a Hines solo tour de force. Hines starts off the evergreen Sweet Georgia Brown rubato before the two take off on an up-tempo escapade. As Long As I Live presents a breathtaking battle between friendly giants, and Byard portrays Genoa To Pescara in an impressionistic solo. On La Rosita the two tango, exchanging lead and accompaniment with ease and grace. Two piano giants in an incomparable get-together – this is something to treasure.