After a five year break the “Colossus of Rio” is back with his 14th studio album, taking us on a journey, crossing musical boarders and inviting you to listen not only to groovy soulful songs but also to dive into almost cinematic moods.

With his unparalleled musicianship, Motta’s captivating arrangements and richly layered compositions create an exquisite fusion of genres. Each track on Behind The Tea Chronicles showcases his mastery of various musical styles, incorporating elements of funk, soul, jazz and even Broadway sounds, that of course feature his velvety smooth vocals. Commenting on his latest album, Ed Motta said, “I wanted to create something truly unique with ‘Behind The Tea Chronicles.’ Movies and old TV series have always had a profound impact on my imagination and musicality. I wanted to pay homage to those influences and use them as connecting points to craft an album that is not only musically engaging but also takes listeners on a nostalgic and cinematic journey. It is an ode to the freedom and a commitment to the art.”

Behind The Tea Chronicles features an impressive lineup of renowned musicians, including notable collaborations with both Brazilian and international artists. The famous singers Paulette McWilliams and Philip Ingram can be heard as backup vocals as well as the Czech FILMharmonic Orchestra. Motta’s commitment to artistic excellence is evident throughout the album, as he flawlessly orchestrates a tapestry of sound that will captivate audiences from all walks of life. Another key factor of this special recording is the eye for detail, not only when writing and composing the album but also during the recording, mixing and mastering process. This special treat will be welcomed with open arms by his audiophile audience.

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