At 21 French tenor saxophonist Barney Wilen achieved instant fame when he played with Miles Davis’ group on the sound track to the Louis Malle film noir classic Ascenseur pour l’échafaud (Elevator to the Gallows). Today the album is considered one of Miles’ masterpieces. Wilen also performed with Art Blakey on the soundtrack to Roger Vadim’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses. In the following years he sampled music styles ranging from the Avant-garde to fusion on into world music.

Dear Prof. Leary was recorded in June 1968 at the MPS studios. On the piano you find the German Jazz legend Joachim Kühn, the drums are played by Aldo Romano and Wolfgang Paap, Günter Lenz has taken on the bass and Mimi Lorenzini the guitar.


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